2nd Day of the Week: BODY AND HEALTH

Good Morning Love!  We are so very glad to have you here today!

Here is your Love Exercise for today:

Eat healthy all day today.  Journal.

     That’s it!  You individually are an integration of body, soul, mind, spirit, and heart.  You are all of these put together into one person called ‘I!’  If you take care of one, the other parts will also be lifted up.  So today is all about taking care of your precious body.  Eating healthy is love for the body.  In truth, you will take care of your body – not because you dislike it – but because you love it!

With Love – Chris Enni & Sarah – Partnership and Love founders

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Published by chrisenni

Chris Enni is a Partnership facilitator, coach, and co-founder of Partnership and Love. "Making harmonious relationships possible!"

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