3rd Day of the Week: ABUNDANCE

Look around your environment and with everything you see, say, “I love (that chair).  I love (this picture).  I love (___).”  Whatever you see, say to yourself that you love it. 

Journal for 10 minutes. 

(Was the experience positive or negative?  Easy or difficult?  Notice anything new or different from what you imagined?)

     You are a part of our environment and your environment is a part of you.  When you are part of a relationship in which you uphold your ‘part’, then you are in Partnership.

     Partnership is a specific kind of relationship that you have with something else.  It can be anything from a plant, another person, or yourself.  Whenever you create a true partnership, abundance is the result.  This exercise is about being in partnership with yourself.  In a sense, you are agreeing with yourself to love all things around you.  The result is an abundance of love.  

     Though this exercise may seem simple, silly or odd, it is effective.  Turning on your love center ‘switch’ is as easy as saying ‘I love…’

With Love – Chris Enni & Sarah – Partnership and Love founders

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Published by chrisenni

Chris Enni is a Partnership facilitator, coach, and co-founder of Partnership and Love. "Making harmonious relationships possible!"

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