5th Day of the Week: CONNECTION AND GIVING

Do a small, nice thing anonymously for someone without any expectation of anything in return. 

Afterwards, journal.

     There is a universal law that states ‘What you put out – comes back to you.’  Another way of expressing this is ‘Givers Gain.’  In fact, the more you give, the more you will gain.  And this works for love as much as for anything else.  

     Unconditional giving in itself is the hallmark of love.  Unconditional means that there are no strings attached to the gift.  The receiver gets to do whatever they want with the gift including giving it away, throwing it away, or even just forgetting about it.  In order for the gift to be completely unconditional, you must allow the recipient to have this freedom.  If this is your challenge today, then perhaps this lesson is the gift back to you.   

     So put out a little love today.  We promise it will come back to you, though most likely not from the person to whom you gave.  The universe likes to have its fun too!   

     Have fun with this exercise!

With Love – Chris Enni & Sarah – Partnership and Love founders

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Published by chrisenni

Chris Enni is a Partnership facilitator, coach, and co-founder of Partnership and Love. "Making harmonious relationships possible!"

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