6th Day of the Week: INNER SELF AND VISION

Find a quiet place to sit undisturbed.  Relax.  Reflect on how you feel before and after each exercise so far this week.  See love growing inside of you.


     For a small amount of time today, become familiar with the thoughts in your mind.  Do you have an inner negative chatterbox?  What percentage of your thoughts leaves you feeling good?  

     Your inner world projects onto the outer world.  In other words, you only see the outer world from your own perception, which creates your perspective.  Ask yourself if the negativity of the outside world is a reflection of an inner negative thought pattern.  Perhaps your reality reflects an inner broken heart?  Or disappointments?  Or insecurities?  Or some terrible event?

     Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings and how they cause you to see and react to your environment is the first step towards growing love.  The second step is to put aside negative thoughts and beliefs in order to allow your mind to see the world ‘as is.’  This is known as acceptance.

     Get to acceptance and you will have taken a great step towards love.  If not, it takes time.  Keep going and keep seeing love growing on the inside – for then you will also see love growing on the outside.  

     Have an amazing day of discovery!

With Love – Chris Enni & Sarah – Partnership and Love founders

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Published by chrisenni

Chris Enni is a Partnership facilitator, coach, and co-founder of Partnership and Love. "Making harmonious relationships possible!"

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