7th Day of the Week: LOVE FREELY

Pick one of the exercises from the past week to do over again, even add your own personal touch, variation or flavor if you wish.  

Or invent your own love exercise to do today and share it with our community.    

Don’t forget to journal! 

     Put your brilliant, amazing, creative self into practicing love today.  To master anything, one has to practice and get feedback.  As you practice, be aware of feedback from people.  Do they notice anything different about you?  Are you acting more loving, speaking more caring, looking more radiant?  Any amount of positive feedback, whether people express it or not, is telling you that you are increasing activity in your love center.  The more you practice, the more positive feedback you will get.  Keep going and keep learning, no matter how you feel.  

     Congratulations on completing your first week!  We’ll start a fresh, new week tomorrow on Day 8.

With Love – Chris Enni & Sarah – Partnership and Love founders

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Published by chrisenni

Chris Enni is a Partnership facilitator, coach, and co-founder of Partnership and Love. "Making harmonious relationships possible!"

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