How It Works

90 Days of Love: A Free Course in Creating the Love You Want in Your Life

Hello! My name is Chris Enni and I developed 90 Days of Love for those who are on a quest to live and give love to the fullest. Many of these exercises I developed for my own growth of love. I am so happy to share them with you because I know if they worked for me, they will work for you, too. Though you may not need every exercise, you are sure to find an exercise that will support your own growth of love.

First, answer the following questions…

  • Are you waiting for love to come to you?
  • On a daily basis, do you hope someone will love you more or at all?
  • Do you think that nobody gets you, listens to you, or even thinks about you?
  • Perhaps something is missing in your relationship, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

If you answered ‘Yes’ or even a slight ‘Maybe’ to any of these questions, then 90 Days of Love is the perfect program for you.  Where ever you are at this time, and however much love you have, you can create and attract more of it into your life.

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Instead of holding in anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, shame, envy or even fear and hate, create a large bank deposit of love inside of yourself.

Here is the truth: Being a loving person is a skill that you can learn because you were born with the capacity to love. But if you don’t use it, you lose it. To gain it back takes exercising that part of yourself that was born to love.  90 Days of Love is a daily regiment that strengthens your self-love, confidence, empathy, compassion and hope.  The result is an increase in your ability to connect with people, making you more attractive, joyful, and happy.

Because life is meant to be shared.

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What is your reason for wanting more love in your life?

How 90 Days of Love is Organized

90 Days of Love is organized into 7 categories that rotate through 13 weeks.  It does not matter which day of the week you begin, though it may help to stay on track if you begin on a Sunday. 

1st Day of Week:  I AM.  

These exercises are personal reflections on loving yourself

2nd Day of Week:  BODY AND HEALTH.  

These exercises involve taking care of your body.  We human beings take care of things we love.  So if we begin to love our body, we will take care of it.  Conversely, if we take care of our body, we will begin to love it.

We sometimes think of ourselves as mind, body and soul.  In truth, these are just parts of our wholeness.  If we take care of one part, the other parts will naturally improve as well.

3rd Day of Week:  ABUNDANCE

These exercises are for switching your thinking towards abundance instead of scarcity, or in other words, from thinking ‘There is not enough’ to ‘There is enough and we can create more.’  This directly relates to changing the thought of ‘I am not enough’ to ‘I am enough.’


Love can be expressed in many ways including gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, vulnerability, or just catching up with a long lost friend.  Either way, these are all forms of connection.


Giving is a form of connection as well, as long as it is unconditional, from abundant thinking, and something that you possess that you can give to another human being.  Experiencing love through giving is very rewarding.


This day is about pulling forth love out of your inner-self through your imagination, personal vision, or reflections.  Seeing yourself as loving will slowly change you into a loving person.  

7th Day of Week:  LOVE FREELY

We are all creative and imaginative, unique and different.  So every seventh day is a space where you can do one of the exercises your way.  Or if you need extra work in a certain area of your life, you can double up on an exercise here.

What you will need for the course

  • A journal
  • A quiet, undisturbed place to write for at least 10 minutes a day
  • A large mirror.  A bathroom mirror works.  A full-length mirror is better.
  • $20-200.  A few exercises suggest spending or giving away money.  We all have levels of giving and spending that make us uncomfortable.  90 Days Of Love is all about doing something different.  As you push your boundaries with love, this is also an opportunity to push your boundaries with giving.  
  • A daily reminder.  Life happens.  Make sure you have a method to redirect you back to these exercises.  This program works!  Do whatever it takes to stay on track.

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